Independent Filmmaker Alpheus Joseph , began his path in the arts at an early age in his native San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2007.  As a freelance “Preditor”(camera-op./editor), with over 6 years experience in the movie/entertainment industry has worked for clients of global notoriety such as: Pitbull, The Mary Jane Girls, The Dazz Band, The Original Lakeside, Switch, The Bar Kays, Master Card Latin America, Jay Adams, Rick Ross and most recently best-selling author Grant Cardone’s reality show “Whatever It Takes”.

In 2011, Joseph expanded further as an on-air producer for Discovery Kids . In 2012, Joseph was privileged to work with Emmy award-winning Jordan “Jay” Adams of United Fight Alliance broadcasting to over 100 million homes.

In 2013, Joseph self produced and directed his featured film “Faze”.

In 2014, Alpheus’ feature film: “Faze” was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in the Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico!

September 2015, Alpheus was awarded “Independent Filmmaker of the Year 2015” @ The Extraordinary People Awards in Dallas, TX.

In addition to his narrative film work, Alpheus also provides live stream broadcasting services, commercials, corporate videos, reality shows, live-shows,music videos, and marketing agency projects.


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